Borrito of doom

Yesterday Sebastian and me went to lidl again after this we visit boojum and I ate a borrito….


Ok this pictures looks good arent they?
It’s the secound time that I went to boojum because the first time was really good I wanted to eat there again but the first time the borrito was good as I say but I took the spicy sauce and it was’nt spicy in my opinion, so this time I also took some extras for example jalapenos but that was a big mistake because these jalapenos burned so much, they were so unbelievably spicy that after I ate the first half wich was ok because it wasn’t to spicy actually it was perfect, but the secound half killed me I’ve got stomach pain and was unable to stand or move everythig was just so exhausting and painfull and while I ate the secound half my thoung burned like hell and I drunk a half 1.5 liter bottel of ice tea but the good thing is that it did’nt burned twice I thouth it would but it did’nt I guess I’ve got good luck.

Even if it burned like hell It was also very tasty so I ate the whole mexican stomatch bomb.

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