It´s a good day to have a good day.

With this slogan I begin my day. Normally it’s a bad day because it’s Monday but this day I’d visit Derry (Christian) / Londonderry (Protestant). It’s totally the same town so don’t worry!














We will visit the St Cecilia’s College there. I only saw girls there but Ahmed couldn’t tell me if this is a school only for girls or not…

Today the task was to do a wireless survey … so you can call it a wireless coverage test. We use for that the Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Software which is really good and easy to use. So Ahmed use this tool and I use another laptop with Chanalyzer by MetaGeek to find some interferences on the wireless channels that C2k use for their SSID’s.

A liitle bit like this

After the whole day the result was that there were a printer using channel 6 (2.4 GHz), no interferences on 5 GHz band. It was a wireless printer using this channel so the IT supervisor there will change it… The Ekahau doesn’t find any problems, the coverage is good to perfect. We knew it before but we want to make sure that the new AcessPoints working properly. So it seems all working perfectly using the new virtual cell mode…

The last part today was the introduction for me in Ekahau so I could test the software in the music rooms. All perfect 🙂

While go by car up to 2 hours I could talk with Ahmed about the company and some comparisons between Germany and Northern Ireland. That was quite interesting…


See here a small galery with few pics of my trip to Derry:

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See ya 🙂

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