29 days remaining

29 days in Belfast (Northern Ireland) are remaining till our flight back to Germany. In my ears that’s sounds very nice. So the time here in Belfast elapses very fast. It is hardly to understand how the time goes so fast, but we are in middle of our internship. Wow…Awesome =)

So in this week we had a visitor from Germany.
On Tuesday we had an appointment with the agency and Mr. Bavar was still there. First we had to answer a few questions about our internship. Then Mr. Bavar arrived and talk to us. He also wanted to know if the working – and home conditions are good and something else. It was pretty nice to meet Mr. Bavar, because he is our coordinator of our apprenticeship in Berlin and it was really good to see someone from Berlin. It feels a little bit than you are at home.

At end of my article, I want to show you two pictures. The first one is while we walked at the agency on Tuesday.

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The second one is a picture of Hendrik while he walked to agency too. It is so funny… Hendrik is always the last person of our group than we walked to the city, to Lidl, besides the river or like here to the agency. He is always busy, because he wanted to update about the last news on skype, whatsapp and snapshat… maybe tinder as well. =)

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For him it was a great pleasure if it exists one way for cell phone user at the sidewalk like in other big cities. =)


See ya! =)

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  1. Greetings from Berlin.
    Finally the weather is springlike.
    The airpot ist not yet open so nothing has change.
    But certainly there are in Belfast a few attractions to discover.
    Is there anything typical for Belfast or Ireland? I like souvenir. 🙂
    Bye for now – Have still a good time

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