New Television!

After our first television was defect we got a new one so at Wednesday Robert and me took a cab to drove to the local DPD office. It was 25 minutes away from us with the car. We payed for this trip only 22 £.

The driver was really nice we talk the whole trip with him about Belfast. He comes from Lissabon so he don’t like the weather here too. He told us something about the night live here and that the Irish woman can drunk a lot. After we arrived at our apartment we ordered some food at „Chick’N Lick’N“.  Robert was very hungry he ordered 2 Burgers, one half chicken, 8 Jumbo Chicken Wings and 2 portion fries I ate 1 portion fries and 6 chicken stripes. It taste really good but at the next day I had some problems with my stomach and my back hurts really strong again so that I can’t go to work. I used some painkillers but they don’t really helped. At Friday I used some more painkillers so that I can go to work. I found one more security problem more at work. The main server wasn’t really secure but now they fixed this problems.

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