Love what you do and do what you love

Wednesday it was the second time I was doing a site survey with Ekahau. This time the school looks pretty normal not so expensive like the school in Derry. These school is located in Downpatrick in the south of Belfast (1h). This time we had to check the whole school for wireless issues.

After we put the layout of the school in the program we notice that it will be diffucult this time because the scale was totally wrong and some
rooms were not there where we expect them. It was a bit confusing and strange but our task remain the same so no worries!
After going around the whole school and after disturb every school lesson we finished our task and this time we found some problems in the
assembly hall of the school. There was coverage but in real it will be only two bars maybe on a laptop. Also this school will get new AP by MeRU.
It’s the new model which supports more clients at the same time and virtual cell mode so we test if it’s only necessary to replace them or more…

At the lunch break I get a big sandwich looks like a subway one but taste better than that because it was free for me 😉

Now we’re looking for the new AP to see how we could get them on the walls next week and if it will be easy or not…

Meanwhile the weather was really strange. We’re arriving with sunshine, before lunch break it became cold and now it’s hailed…

On the trip back to Capita I speak something with Ahmed about his career all in all and about about the differences between the countries…

Nice trip again …. It’s a variety beside the work in the office…

That was the result for today:

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See ya 🙂

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