crazy weather, work and „photoshooting“

There wasn’t a big event today so I will just tell you some random stuff. First of all the weather went crazy and changed over and over the whole day. It went from the sweetest sunshine to rain, hail and even heavy snowfall. This is what you would call „Aprilwetter“ in Germany.

Besides of that we had a little fotoshooting for the capita-intern newspaper, so I actually needed to buy some shirts just for this. The shooting itself turned out to be a simple set of pictures in our main entrance. So it was over after about 2 minutes, I will show you the pictures if I get them someday.

The third thing was about the public transportation today. But I will spare you this madnass, at least for now.

At last I tell you about my work and how it looks like the last week. So I got access to basically all the main tools and Systems which are necessary for me and our server team. I even got an administrator account so I can work on every schools server in Northern Ireland. More about the specific tasks I am doing, later.


So thats it for today.


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