Welcome to Twin

Today we had our first day at our agency’s location itself. The meeting point was a classroom which had been reserved for us today. Firstly, we filled a table writing down our host address details for them to compare. Next, we filled our student card ourselves. We were given an introduction test. The first task was to fill one blank of thirty to fourty sentences. Creative writing about one of three given topics was the next task. „Welcome to Twin“ weiterlesen

My first day in London

With our first morning we were beginning our day quite relaxful. Pascal and I woke up at nine o‘ clock to have a little breakfast and preparation. We had arranged a visit of the city centre with Louis, a classmate of my host sibling Pascal. A little late we left the house of our host family but we catched the train nevertheless. Arriving on the platform in time we realized the train to have a delay of a couple of minutes. After seven stops we reached London bridge where we met up Louis.

„My first day in London“ weiterlesen

Our day of arrival

For a long time I had waited for the moment of the beginning of our stay abroad. Concerning the whereabouts we were offered to choose between between London and Belfast in Ireland. At the end, I chose London because of my relations to the city from earlier visits, a friend studying there, my Godfather coming to London sometimes and having lived there, England itself and Cambridge. „Our day of arrival“ weiterlesen