Work, fish & chips

Today, in the morning as usual I went to my workplace, the Twin-School. When I arrived there, I started immediately with my task from the previous day. My colleague, the one who gave me the tasks wasn’t there when I arrived. Later when he showed up we had a little talk about the program.

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My first day at work

Today I went to the Twin-School again but this time the purpose was not to attend English lessons. Today I started with my internship. Finally, after 1 week we could start with the real deal. When I arrived there, my colleague explained me everything, every person there was super friendly to me.

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Finally, we got our jobs!

Today we went at 11am to the Twin School. We met there the leader of all the Internships. We had a conversation about our Internships (where we will go and what are we going to do). I got my Internship directly at the Twin School. They told me that I will have a job interview in the next morning at 10am.

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Thanks Google…

Today, as usual, we started our way to the Twin-Group school. There, we started the lesson with a great topic. We got a story about a murder and we had to do a role play to a criminal court. I got the part as the main witness from the murder and I had the task to lie. In conclusion it was very funny even though the end of the story was lame. My lie was convincing but still not enough to prove that the indicted was guilty, so the indicted was able to convince the court that it was just an accident.

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How good is your English?

Today we went at 9 o‘clock to our Agency which is in the same time a school. We started immediately with an English test. During the test they also did questions to test our speaking skills.

After all students were finished we got a little break. At this time they checked our tests, and they were able to sort us in two school classes.

After all this we played a game called Articulate, sounds really easy but it isn’t. First of all the playing cards were full of very typical British words which are very hard for us. Also doing all this in a different language than German is somehow hard in my opinion.

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