Mid placement meeting with interneurope

Today is the first day of the second half of our internship in Belfast. A whole month has gone by like a flash. It didn’t feel that long if I’m honest. Everything has become a bit quieter than in the first weeks. We have settled in and everything is getting more routine. So also at work. „Mid placement meeting with interneurope“ weiterlesen

Quiz Night

Today the agency organized a quiz night for all their interns in Belfast. For this we met at „The points“, a whiskey bar in the middle of the city. We could reach the bar in 20 minutes on foot. It was just like you imagined an Irish bar. Dark wooden furniture and violin music. it was really cool. Additionally there was a free drink for everyone. We were split in groups of 5 people and were given a sheet with the questions on it. The quiz was about questions about Belfast, Ireland and the EU. As a free drink I decided for a guinness because my colleagues had already recommended me to try it and it was really delicious.

Start of the first week

Belfast – Meeting with Intern Europe

Today we were invited to a meeting with Intern Europe at their office. Purpose of this meeting was to fill out some missing information on some documents, and to give us some information on the first day at our companies.

Furthermore an employee walked us to the city centre and helped us getting our tickets for the bus. I also were able to pick up some souvenirs there.

From this point on we discovered the city centre a bit more and we did some grocery shopping for the evening.