Unexpected Visitor

Today, I started my work day as usual but again, problems…

When I started my computer I saw that some Desktop icons were missing again. I checked my group and I found out, that I’m in the wrong one. I asked around but nobody knew how to fix it at the moment. I had to use a workaround, to access some basic Windows tools.

Later, when I opened Google-Mail all seemd to be fine, but google told me that I’m offline, but the site was loading. When I checked in a new tab “google.com” I got just connection refused. I checked “google.de” and it was working. I flushed my current local DNS storage and renewed my DHCP IP, but still not working. When I did a ping, I found out, that the connection refused it not from a google IP but from the internal firewall.

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Cute evening

Today I would like to say something about my previous evening. I went out for my daily workout as usually. First I walked to a supermarket and bought an apple as a snack. Afterwards, I went directly to a park which is near there. As I arrived there I went to the bars and started with my workout. After some minutes a family showed up with their 2 kids. The kids stopped and tried the same things like me. They also asked, if I could show them some workouts. Of course I did and they had a lot of fun. The parents were smiling too.

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First real school lessons

Today we started the day with a delicious breakfast. Afterwards we went directly out to the bus station and we got very fast into the bus.

All normal so far. When we were 1km near our school the cars stopped and 

we stuck into a big traffic jam. First we waited a bit but then we saw nothing moving anymore, so we left the bus and went by foot to school. Luckily we still arrived in time (close, but still in time).

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How good is your English?

Today we went at 9 o‘clock to our Agency which is in the same time a school. We started immediately with an English test. During the test they also did questions to test our speaking skills.

After all students were finished we got a little break. At this time they checked our tests, and they were able to sort us in two school classes.

After all this we played a game called Articulate, sounds really easy but it isn’t. First of all the playing cards were full of very typical British words which are very hard for us. Also doing all this in a different language than German is somehow hard in my opinion.

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