A guide on stores in Belfast


These stores are most common in Belfast and you can find them at many streets. Be aware that there is a difference between „Tesco superstore“ and „Tesco express“.  „A guide on stores in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Review of the third week

Now nearly the half of our internship has passed. The third week was really exiting. A highlight was especially the cinema.

Work has become more interesting and we started getting more challanging tasks. For example, we got to optimize the companys public website.

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One sunny day in Belfast

Monday was a long day for us. Together with Stefanie and Max we decided to do some sightseeing at „Belfast Castle“ and „Cave Hill“.

It was a prefect, sunny day to do so. Our trip started at Ormeau Road at around 1pm by ordering 2 cabs for us 6 people, because taking the bus would be more expensive since not everyone has a subscription with translink.

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