What I’ve Been Eating

Everyday for lunch Nickolas and I walk a few blocks to Forest Hill Station, where there are a few options for food. Most of the time we go to a place called D&D, which is a Caribbean/Jamaican joint. The options are jerk wings, sweet chili wings, or fried chicken. I always mix it up and get either jerk chicken or sweet chili wings, alternating every other day.

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Still, just a chaos

My day started as usually, at work, continuing my programming tasks that are still very tricky.

Some of my classmates got already access to the online English course as for me I have to say, that I don’t have access at the moment but I have to and I really want to do this course.

Yesterday, I also wrote a mail to my school but still I got no reply. I have no choice but to keep waiting.

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A guide on stores in Belfast


These stores are most common in Belfast and you can find them at many streets. Be aware that there is a difference between „Tesco superstore“ and „Tesco express“.  „A guide on stores in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Fish and chips

Most of the time I go to the next tesco for lunch at work and get me packed bread or some fruits. Today I decided to eat something warm. There is a very small fish and chips take-away store near our workplace called „The Supreme“ (62 Sandy Row). Even if I rarely eat fish, I still wanted to try it because its so well known food and part of the culture here. „Fish and chips“ weiterlesen

The Third Week

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. My parents arrived last week and I’ve been spending time with them. On Wednesday and Thursday Nickolas and I got more done at work, including composing more letters and emails for clients no longer supported by the Cassel center. Going through a database of files, we also implemented a renaming scheme, applying it to thousands of files.

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Review of the third week

Now nearly the half of our internship has passed. The third week was really exiting. A highlight was especially the cinema.

Work has become more interesting and we started getting more challanging tasks. For example, we got to optimize the companys public website.

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A Very Calm Easter Weekend

The weekend didn’t start as I thought I would because I started to feel bad at Wednesday evening and over the night it got worse. At the morning I knew I caught a cold and that I need some resting time so after my language course and a short trip to the coffee shop Avocado & Coffee I decided to go home and take a rest and to work against my sickness. „A Very Calm Easter Weekend“ weiterlesen

Thanks Google…

Today, as usual, we started our way to the Twin-Group school. There, we started the lesson with a great topic. We got a story about a murder and we had to do a role play to a criminal court. I got the part as the main witness from the murder and I had the task to lie. In conclusion it was very funny even though the end of the story was lame. My lie was convincing but still not enough to prove that the indicted was guilty, so the indicted was able to convince the court that it was just an accident.

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