Another Visit to Camden Market

Sunday was my uncles last full day here in London, so we decided we would spend the day at the infamous Camden Market, where I had been a couple of times already. Arriving there, we checked out the shops and attractions.

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Weekend and the Spring Bank Holiday

This Monday was Spring Bank Holiday which meant that I didn’t have to go to work. In the morning after I woke up I went to the kitchen and made myself an omelette which came out pretty well and tasted really good even though the cheese was frozen.
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Bargain is the key

Today I went early out and first thing I did was to go at a supermarket to get something to drink for my journey (it was a very warm day). I took as usual the bus directly to the London Eye and after one and a half hour I finally arrived there. First I walked around to get some pictures for my gallery.

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A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again

My roommate Nickolas went into the city for this weekend. We started at the Trafalgar Square and then walked through China Town to a Ben and Jerry’s store where we got some really good ice cream and a very good milk shake, afterwards we went back to China Town to take the underground to Camden Town.

I went to the Dr. Martens store to buy myself a new pair of shoes which I wanted to buy for a long time. The Dr. Martens store was directly on the Camden Market so we used the opportunity to look at some interesting stuff. „A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again“ weiterlesen

Cinema and Laundry

On Saturday morning me and Steven bought two tickets for a movie called „Avengers: Endgame“ in a cinema in Camden Town. After breakfast we took the train to Charring Cross from where we walked by the Leicester Square through Chinatown to a Ben & Jerry’s store where we got ourselves some ice cream and a milkshake.
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Last Day with my Family

The first half of my last week wasn’t really too eventful. I went to work where we mostly renamed a lot of files and got rid of unused, old or duplicate templates that where laying around on the shared drive. When work was over I went home where I relaxed and watched videos.
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