What an adventure

Today, I’ll start talking about what happened yesterday evening. When I was jogging in a park for my daily workout, I saw near a house a police car. I just ignored it because it was nothing special, especially in this area. When I came back, I saw another car in the front of the house. It was a black van on which was written “Private Ambulance”. Behind the car were 2 men in black suits that carried this metal thing to transport people. On it was a fully covered person, so I knew someone died. Somehow creepy to think that I walk everyday there.

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Time to explore the rich world

Today I decided to go to the “Harrods”, it’s one of the biggest and one of the most expensive shopping malls in London. After an amazing bus trip, over 2 hours, I arrived there. When I went inside I just saw expensive designer clothes and expensive accessories. Some of them looked very cool, but when I looked at the price and decided that just looking at them is enough. In every shop is a helper who can advise you for the product. I’m an IT student so of course I also went to the Tech area. There was also a part with Amazon & Google Products. The funny part was „Time to explore the rich world“ weiterlesen

a new journey in a new country

Yesterday we arrived at the London airport and that’s were our new journey begins…

We had a calm flight and arrived a little bit earlier at the airport at Stansted. At the Airport we got picked up by a bus, was driving us to a meeting point in the middle of Lodon. That’s where we first met our host family.


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