Back to the Roots

On the last day Steven and I got up early because we had to leave our room until 10 o’clock so it could be cleaned. We brought our luggage downstairs and I then made myself a delicious omelette. We spent some time in front of the tv and I used the time to write some blog entries until at 13 o’clock our host father brought us to the Twin centre where everybody else was already waiting for the bus which was supposed to bring us to the Stansted airport.
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Last day & and departure

After 2 long month in a foreign country, our internship is coming to an end. Although I was rather sceptical and negative about the whole thing before my stay abroad, I have to say that it was worth it. Through the internship I was able to gain a lot of new experience. When I’m back in Germany I have a lot to tell. But new experiences are not the only thing I found here. By living together with people from different nations and with different background in the same accommodation, you have also learned a lot about yourself and perhaps also made new contacts.


Either way, I’m gonna remember this for a long time. Both the good and the bad things. And perhaps I will return later in my lifetime. You never know for sure.

My last day at work!

instead of starting with my work, today, I had a talk with my colleagues and we filled out the last letters.

Later, we also got some problems regarding the “Europass”. Normally another colleague of mine should have received a mail from the “Europass” company. He told me all the time that he got nothing, but when I asked him today to use the search function, he found a mail which was 2 weeks old.

Now I had the problem that the password from the mail is no longer valid. So we wrote many mails to our school. Luckily, I work directly at the twin school so I can ask them for old mails. There were one woman and one boy who helped me, they supported me as well. We were able, to get the europasses for everyone.

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