Can someone stop the rain, please?

I woke up in the morning, took a look out of the window and as expected darkness and raining.
I went out of the house and I saw no bus coming, so I walked to the next bus stop, which is around 500 meter away. At this bus stop are 3 buses that I could take. Unfortunately, the 500 meters were already enough to get all clothes soggy.
Arrived at work, I continued programming. For lunch I bought a salad with some chicken this time (something green looks healthy). After lunchtime I had a meeting with my colleague. He asked me about my progress.

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8th May → 8th June

Today I took a look at the calendar and I realized that we will depart in one month. Let’s see what I can do in the next weekends.
So far, my day was normal, like all the other days. I got access to a new platform which consists on signing documents online. Now my task is to use the developer API and create a program which will fetch all the filled forms from the users. When I requested the API key, I had to wait some hours.

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Raining, again…

Today I woke up a bit late because it’s weekend and of course IT students are known to be sleepyheads. When I took a quick look outside it seemed that it would be a nice day. I ate a healthy breakfast with my host family and afterwards I looked out again and the sky was covered in dark clouds and it was already raining.

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Rainy day…

My morning was like the other days, nothing special anymore. I arrived at work and I continued programming my program. After some hours I finally finished it. I demonstrated the program to my colleague and we tested it for bugs or other vulnerabilities, but we found nothing.

After the testing part I had to create some triggers in the database, sounds very easy, but when the SQL statement for the trigger is over 10 lines long then its no longer funny.

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