Review of the seventh week

The seventh week has come to an end and so did our last full weekend. On saturday we visited the city center one more time. We just went shopping and took a look at the city for the last time. The next day we all were lazy and just sat in the kitchen playing Minecraft together for most of the day. „Review of the seventh week“ weiterlesen

Review of the fourth week

In germany we have the term „Bergfest“. That means that you are half through through something, that often takes a long time. So yesterday was Bergfest and we have 4 weeks left to go.

At this point, most of the magic is gone and a lot of things have become routine. For example, grocery shopping. After four weeks we know exactly where to get our food and where its the cheapest.

On thing that im most excited about in the upcoming weeks is the big „Game of Thrones“ tour. The tour will envolve a full busride around the Island, so we have the oppertunity to see a lot of Northern Ireland and especially the beautiful coasts. Furthermore since im a big fan of the series it will be interesting to see the filming locations in reality.

My Review so far

It’s been over 3 weeks that I’m here and I have to say some things are very cool and of course certain things are not so good, in my opinion. The first positive thing about London is my host family, okay I just have a host mother, but she is very friendly and she always gives her best that we feel very comfortable here. Also some sightseeing in the United Kingdom are very breathtaking, but the thing that I don’t like is it has a lot of people here (tourists). It’s overwhelming.

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