Arriving in Cambridge – what emotional moments

I woke up in the morning and was very happy. Because my highlight of our stay was about to begin. I had basically everything prepared on the day before. All I needed to do was to take the cake and some cupcakes out of the fridge to take them with me as a small present.

At Abbey Wood station I wanted to buy a ticket in combination with my existing Oyster Card and asked for some advice. However, I was told I should buy a ticket at Liverpool Street station where he advised to change to a train via Stansted because of better prices.

At the end, I went from King’s Cross nevertheless because I didn’t want to spend at least half an hour more. On the train a man from India sat on the other side. I had a conversation with him. He was on his way with his family so his wife and two children to see Cambridge his first time. I recommended him a nice walk along the Cam, my favourite ice cream shop and some sights to see. When I arrived I was really happy and my former host mother and I hugged each other. The first thing we did was to have a belated breakfast of some toast with jam or chili garlic chutney. Meanwhile we had a long chat with each other and there came so many memories to light. I was allocated the bedroom for me the following night. It was the same bedroom like two years ago. As soon as I saw the room I remembered the situation for me there. For example, that I read my first English book after secondary school there, maybe my third one totally. Its name is Touching the Void and it is a true-life story about a mysterious survival while ice climbing on the mountains.

We went outside to a nice park next to their home and had a walk all around that park. It reminded me of my jogging times which I had there regularly two years ago. And there is an awesome area of fitness devices – actually a public fitness centre outside. What is more, the park does not close in the evening like parks in London do. My host called her husband to ask him when he will come. Shortly later, when we reached the entrance path to the house again, he was there cutting nettles to make it more accessible. When he saw me he rejoiced my name. Of course, we hugged each other too and I really cannot compare these moments with other during my whole stay here.

Last Bankholiday

This weekend was a bank holiday again, which means we got a day off work today. If I’m honest… I didn’t really do much besides letting the weekend be weekend, playing video games with the others, recover from the exhausting tour on Saturday and preparing our hardware course, which we will hold after the internship.

Other than that, not much has happened. The Austrians left the accommodation on Saturday morning and 4 Italians took their place instead. It has gotten a lot more quite over the last days.

On the one hand I’m enjoying the much more quite atmosphere, but on the other hand it can be a little bit boring from time to time.

Finally weekend!

My work was today as usually, nothing special. I continued programming and I had a meeting with a colleague about the project. After the meeting I got a mail.

I got now a mail from my school about the English course. My school doesn’t know what else they can do, so I am not obliged to do this course. I searched online for other courses and found some good ones. Unfortunately, you always have to start with the lowest level which is very annoying.

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Hello Oxford Street | £500???

Today I went early to the Oxford Street. I had a quick breakfast, then we cleaned up our room shortly that our host mother could hover the floor.
After the morning routine I went directly out and got there by bus. It took me about 2 hours to get there and with train I would need around 1 hour but I saved every month around 100€. So of course it’s better sleeping one hour less and going there by bus.
As I arrived there I had a crazy idea. I went to every famous store and asked just for a bag (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Nike, Adidas and so on). Apparently they weren’t allowed to give me one because I had to buy something first.

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Lazy Sunday

There wasn’t much going on today, everyone was doing their own stuff. Our only task today was to go shopping and even in front of it all have pressed themselves as well as it goes. in the late afternoon we then started to cook and as always it became a bit chaotic . finally we managed to get something to eat on the table. the evening ended then quite comfortably.

Sun! This was unexpected…

Today I slept a lot because I came home late yesterday. I started my day with a good breakfast and afterwards I watched movies because when I looked out of the window I just saw a gray sky. Around 2pm the weather got better, the dark clouds went away and I managed to see the sun. So I went out and bought a little snack.
I did some researches again, so if the weather would be good tomorrow, I would like to go to the Oxford Street. I was never there before and it’s a very long street thats why I need the whole day and of course good weather too.

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The Weekend is here

The last four days passed by really fast, but what happened ?

On Thusday and Friday I worked in South London Repair (SLR). During this time I got to know my colleagues better. I also unscrewed a lot of televisions, notebooks, motherboards and build them back together. On Friday we went to a family in the south of London, because there home automation system stopped working and SLR is one of the last companies with certified knowledge about the „Fibaro“ home automation system. In this case the software on the home contoller was way to old and not responding correctly.  „The Weekend is here“ weiterlesen