Hello London Tower!

Today I left the house early. My plan for the day was to visit the London Tower. To go there I took 2 busses. Luckily, the last bus drove over the Tower Bridge. I also was lucky that the tower bridge was opened at this time, so I had to wait a bit. It was a great view to see the Tower Bridge opened.

Directly behind the Tower Bridge is already the Tower of London. The huge castle with the big park was very impressive. I just took some pictures there and I was thinking about going in, but there were too much people and I’m not a big fan of visiting a castle. In my home town in Germany I have a lot of castles near, so it’s nothing special for me.


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Sightseeing with my Family

I got up early this weekend because I would go sightseeing with my family. The first thing we would do was go to the Tower Hill Station where we would get into a sightseeing bus which we used to get to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Inside the cathedral we had an audio guide which we used to listen to facts about the cathedral while walking through it.
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Thanks Google…

Today, as usual, we started our way to the Twin-Group school. There, we started the lesson with a great topic. We got a story about a murder and we had to do a role play to a criminal court. I got the part as the main witness from the murder and I had the task to lie. In conclusion it was very funny even though the end of the story was lame. My lie was convincing but still not enough to prove that the indicted was guilty, so the indicted was able to convince the court that it was just an accident.

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First Day In London

Steven who is my roommate and I didn’t know what to do on our first day so we decided to check out the nearest supermarkets which are Aldi and Lidl. After that we went to the nearest train station which is Catford Bridge so I could get myself an Oyster card and because we were already at the station we took the next train to go into the city.

So we went to the London Bridge walked over it and after that we walked along the Thames where we passed the London Tower and from there we went over the Tower Bridge. From there we went back to the London Bridge station and on the way we checked out a Tesco supermarket. We took the train back to Catford and went home.
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The First Day and the First Exploring of London

My roommate Nickolas and I spent our first day in London with exploring the local area and shops. We went to Lidl and Aldi to compare if there are big differences between the one in London and in Germany. After that we went into the city to walk and explore a bit more. We took the train from Catford Bridge to London Bridge and walked over the London Bridge to the Tower of London and then walked over the Tower Bridge back to the train station London Bridge so we could take the train back home.