Best fish and chips

Today I started the day normally, I went out early and I arrived at work, as expected, early. I was around 20 minutes earlier so I went to the supermarket that is directly in front of the school. I got some fruits and something to drink.

I started my work with a small talk about the project. We improved our plans with the help of another colleague, so I had enough tasks to do for today. For lunch I went out and bought a chicken burger with a big salad. My work day was like usually, nothing special. At 5pm I went out and got my bus, fortunately I got home without having troubles in traffic.

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Work, fish & chips

Today, in the morning as usual I went to my workplace, the Twin-School. When I arrived there, I started immediately with my task from the previous day. My colleague, the one who gave me the tasks wasn’t there when I arrived. Later when he showed up we had a little talk about the program.

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Fish and Chips

Today we started our day with a tasty breakfast. Afterwards we went directly to the school. We don’t have much time in the morning because we want to enjoy every minute in our beds.

As we arrived at school we started directly with our lessons. 

Today the topic was about hackers, which isn’t a big deal for IT Students. Our second topic for today, was about typical english or british phrases like: “Today it’s raining cats and dogs”. We learned some useful phrases and how people came up with them.

„Fish and Chips“ weiterlesen

The Beginning of the Journey

Starting off the day, I was driven by my parents to the airport where I checked my bags, went through security, and partook in an uneventful boarding aboard the plane that headed for London Stansted with my fellow trainees.

Arriving in London, we collected our bags and were greeted by a fellow from the agency, with whom we took a bus to the headquarters of said agency. There my roommate Louis and I were the first to be picked up by a taxi and our hostess who brought to the guest home.

Louis and I spent rest of the day discovering the city and getting to know London. We explored parts pf the city center and ate fish and chips. So far, my experience has been very positive and I am looking forward to getting to know my company, but before I do, we have to attend an English course at the agency next week.