Review of the seventh week

The seventh week has come to an end and so did our last full weekend. On saturday we visited the city center one more time. We just went shopping and took a look at the city for the last time. The next day we all were lazy and just sat in the kitchen playing Minecraft together for most of the day. „Review of the seventh week“ weiterlesen

The Glades, Bromley

Today I left our house early. I went by bus to a shopping centre called “The Glades”, it’s located in Bromley and my host mother suggested me to visit it.





As I arrived there, I was surprised that such a big shopping mall includes a big park. The location of this mall is also very good, you can reach it with many buses and a train station is also not so far away.

They also had there some typical German stores like IKEA. It was a small IKEA but it was interesting to see if it would look the same like in Germany.

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How to save money in Belfast

Today we went to the city center and found an extremly cheap store for household items. We were angry at ourselfs for not finding it earlier. So, I hope people will read this article before going to belfast. The store im talking about is called poundstretcher. „How to save money in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Let’s explore a huge toy store

Today I went out early and took as a bus to the center. Directly at the London Eye I changed the bus to go to the Oxford Street, at least as Google said.

After some minutes of driving with the second bus, it changed the next stop info just to a “*”. As I know already from London buses this means the bus is on diversion, which means the bus is taking another route.


For this reason, I left the bus a bit earlier and walked the remaining part.

As I arrived at the Oxford Street I went to a huge toy store. You have many floors there and in every floor are at least 2 persons, which are playing with the kids (of course with the latest toys). I just looked around there and saw so many happy children.

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A guide on stores in Belfast


These stores are most common in Belfast and you can find them at many streets. Be aware that there is a difference between „Tesco superstore“ and „Tesco express“.  „A guide on stores in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Hello Oxford Street | £500???

Today I went early to the Oxford Street. I had a quick breakfast, then we cleaned up our room shortly that our host mother could hover the floor.
After the morning routine I went directly out and got there by bus. It took me about 2 hours to get there and with train I would need around 1 hour but I saved every month around 100€. So of course it’s better sleeping one hour less and going there by bus.
As I arrived there I had a crazy idea. I went to every famous store and asked just for a bag (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Nike, Adidas and so on). Apparently they weren’t allowed to give me one because I had to buy something first.

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Hellooooo Brixton!

Today I went to Brixton Market, an area where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and fish being sold. You can buy here all the fresh food that are being sold directly from farmers. You know your money is worth for that healthy food.
I was just looking around and I must to say that many people use this chance every Sunday to buy their fruits there.


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Let’s explore Stratford

Today I woke up very late, as every other day. Around 11am I managed it to get up of my bed. Then we cleaned up our room a little bit and the host mother cleaned the floor with the vacuum cleaner. We also had to remove our bed sheets because the host mother wanted to clean them.

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