Just relaxing and watching movies

Today I woke up late as I had not a special plan for the day. I ate breakfast with my host mother and we talked about pets, about her older pets and about the pets from my parents. Such basic talks were prepared so often in school and now it wasn’t such a big deal for me to talk about these things.

After the breakfast I watched some movies. Afterwards I remembered that I don’t have water here anymore, so I decided to go out and buy some.

When I came back from the supermarket I got everything, some food and a new shower gel except the water I planned to buy. Of course I forgot the thing that I even went out to get.

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Lazy Sunday

There wasn’t much going on today, everyone was doing their own stuff. Our only task today was to go shopping and even in front of it all have pressed themselves as well as it goes. in the late afternoon we then started to cook and as always it became a bit chaotic . finally we managed to get something to eat on the table. the evening ended then quite comfortably.

Sun! This was unexpected…

Today I slept a lot because I came home late yesterday. I started my day with a good breakfast and afterwards I watched movies because when I looked out of the window I just saw a gray sky. Around 2pm the weather got better, the dark clouds went away and I managed to see the sun. So I went out and bought a little snack.
I did some researches again, so if the weather would be good tomorrow, I would like to go to the Oxford Street. I was never there before and it’s a very long street thats why I need the whole day and of course good weather too.

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Learn, Relax and Ice

Today was a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, in Germany this holiday is on the first of May, but here it’s on the first Monday of May. So I decided to rest a bit and learn for some certificates, which I am planning to do in the near future. After the learning time, my roommate asked me if I wanted to go with him to the “CoOp” supermarket that is near our house. We went together there and got something to eat and of course, we got ice cream because… okay the temperature outside was around 10 degrees but ice cream is always a good choice.

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Raining, again…

Today I woke up a bit late because it’s weekend and of course IT students are known to be sleepyheads. When I took a quick look outside it seemed that it would be a nice day. I ate a healthy breakfast with my host family and afterwards I looked out again and the sky was covered in dark clouds and it was already raining.

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