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Today we had our first day at our agency’s location itself. The meeting point was a classroom which had been reserved for us today. Firstly, we filled a table writing down our host address details for them to compare. Next, we filled our student card ourselves. We were given an introduction test. The first task was to fill one blank of thirty to fourty sentences. Creative writing about one of three given topics was the next task. I chose to write about my last holidays when I did my second cross-county skiing marathon. The last two questions were about selecting the point of language we wish to focus on (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and whether to preference grammar or vocabulary.
After a break we practiced speaking and listening playing an game as the hole group similar to Taboo named Articulate.
At the end of it we compared the number of cards everyone had guessed each.
In a Vietnamese restaurant most of us had a common lunch. Afterwards, I went to Greenwich Park and sat down on the maedow there. A nice view in direction of the city center with e.g. the Shard, University of Greenwich and the Royal Observatory was presented to me. I wrote and had some calls with friends. After a while continued my walk passing the Royal Observatory and enjoying the view from there.
At home ended the day having fish and chips with my host brother.

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