I felt like a dried tomato when my I woke up this morning. I fall fallen asleep at about 2 am. because I had arrived home quite at one. And I had a small talk with my host mother who told me that we have a new host brother named Antony from France. Because my host brother and I felt not really talkative I left home earlier to have breakfast in The City at Cafe Hilliard – a place which I really like. I discovered that place last Monay when I was actually looking for another breakfast location which seemed not to exist. And I can highly recommend it. Not least because of that it is no chain.
At DocuLand I wished to have a resume talk firstly. Afterwards, I started researching of quota for users’ folders on the server. It took me quite a long time because I wanted to find a solution which makes it possible to refer it to users’ folders. Furthermore, I have never worked with it before. At the end, Louis told me that there is already set up a quota. The only thing that was missing was a rule which sends a message to the corresponding user on their desktop saying they are short or out of memory. Later, we put another employee’s PC into the domain and created a shortcut with his local data included. As soon as that was done, I handed my chief a bunch white asparagus which he had wished on Friday.
As a good contrast, I brought some letters and thin parcels away.
When I was back it turned out for me that my colleagues Pascal and Louis had successfully suggested some employees to buy two access points. They shall arrive tomorrow. We set up a virtual machine on the server with Debian on it. In that environment we installed the wifi controller and configured the appropriate options already.