work and spare time

Hi @ all,

the first piece of good news is, that we finished our CISCO project (bgp over mpls) last week.

There was a nasty snag that we solved after taking a tip from a co-worker, but now the network is running and the people here were impressed. Now we are positioned in the service desk of the northern irish goverment, although we don’t answer calls or anything, the reason is that we’re now close to our co-workers and we have to speak more english than before. Sometimes we have the chance to go with a colleague to some outposts to fix some problems (to replace a switch etc.)

The next piece of good news is, that I saw the Giants Causeway. Steffen, Friedrich and me took a bus tour to a few of the sights where we saw the hexagonal stones of the Giants Causeway. That was really impressive and the landscape was so beautiful. We saw an old castle and a distillery (Bushmills – the oldest distillery around the world) too. We also crossed a small suspension bridge to a small island (which name i have forgotten =/) . The water around the island was dreamlike, it was as clear as crystal and reminded me of the caribbean.

We were lucky on the day, because the sun was shinning all the time. (We were away for approximately 12 hours). In the evening we were exhausted but Friedrich and Steffen couldn’t get enough and went into a pub to let the day fade away.