My first time in a pub

Hey people,

on thursday (father’s day) i was with steffen and the guys from the 5 men apartment in a pub namend „Botanic Inn“.  The pub is ca 15 min away from our home and the way at night was pretty cool. One of the house we saw was spotlighted with black light, this looks great at night. Arrived at the pub a smell of beer crossed my nose, the whole pub smells like beer. In the pub steffen and me met the guys from the other apartment. It shan’t be long and we talk with irish people. Then we taste the irish cider and i think it tastes good! Later we met a german guy who tell us something about ireland. At the end we went in the second floor where a disco was, but the pub and the disco closed at 1 o’clock, so we couldn’t enter. All in all it was a good evening.