Weekend is coming!

I am verry happy that the weekend is coming, but I am not happy with my work until now. There is one good thing. The agency gave me like £60 back and subsidised my train ticket to Bangor. I’m quite happy about that.

Yesterday Ross and I drove to a mobile shop. We had the task to upgrade all Windows 7 machines up to Windows 10. Well, there were like 7 computers and 6 of them wasn´t activated with an Windows licence. We were not really able to upgrade them and each computer was configured individually. Ross decided to take some ‚backups‘ (just copying the windows profils) to an external harddrive. Afterwards we tried to upgraded one computer up to Windows 10. There were a lot of problems, but the biggest problem was that all PCs were very old (some of them just had an ‚Intel Core 2 Duo‘). So it took like hours and we had to leave everything unfinished.I am not really motivated to go to work at the moment.

Otherwise Hendrik and I got nice roomates. It is good to know, that there are nice people at ‚home‘. We are six persons now. There is Ben (he is a medicine student from Manchester), we got Anja (also medicine student from Mannheim) and we got Brendan and Clive (both are studying computer science). It could have been worse :D.

All in all i gained some experience this week and i hope that the work is getting better next week.

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Now i need a cold Guinness.

Slàinte mhath! Cheers!


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