B-Ball Time

Hello everyone,

On Thursday Marlon, Robert, Gino and I went to the Ormeau Park, which is very near to our accommodation, because there is an opportunity to play basketball. The weather was pretty awesome last week. So the same good weather was on Thursday. Therefore we decided to play basketball. First we played two versus two. Gino and Robert against Marlon and I. We played two games and Marlon and I won both games. I have to add, that Robert was fast as the wind. He runs all time from one side to another. That was really striking and he deserved of to get the win. After the matches we played another game, which calls Airball. Marlon won the game.

Ormeau Park

That was a really good evening for me, because I didn’t play basketball for a long time ago.

Thank you. I hope we will play another game of basketball in the next week.

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