Our accommodation

Hey there,

today I want to tell about the accommodation of Marcel and me.

First I’d like to start with the kitchen.

At our arrival, the kitchen was dirty. The drawer, where the cutlery is, was very dirty. If we wanted to take a fork, we had to clean them before. The fridge was dirty too, some drinks leaked there. The pots were very nasty. Some people put the plates dirty back into the drawer.  So Marcel and I sworn, that we won’t cook in this kitchen.

Today the kitchen is really clean. We have two new roommates, they’re cooking every day and they clean their dishes after every meal. Now we are able to cook in this kitchen for the first time. By the way, the agency gave us some spoons, because we had only one big spoon before.

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Now I’d like to tell you about our bathroom(s). We have a ‚big‘ one and a small one. In the big one, there is a shower. In the small one, there is only one toilet and a washbasin. Yeah, the toilets are clean, because every Tuesday there is a cleaner, who cleans the kitchen and the bathrooms. The shower is clean too.

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I’ll continue with our room.

Our room is cozy. I think we have the best view in this accommodation, because we have a view on the street and the river. But we have only one wardrobe, this isn’t enough for two people. So I decided to use my suitcase as wardrobe. As you can see on the picture, we have to beds. The right one is mine. Marcel have a single bed, I have a double bed.

We have our own washbasin in our room, this is quite cool, we thought. If anyone goes to toilet and shit there, our whole room stinks. I think it’s because of the pipes… This sucks!!!

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At the end I’ll tell you about the Wi-Fi in our accommodation.

Since last week, the Wi-Fi isn’t stable. Sometimes the signal goes down and the connection is interrupted. If you are playing games on your mobile like Clash Royale, you will loose this match. This is annoying. Every time, we must go downstairs to reboot  the router. Otherwise the Wi-Fi wouldn’t come up again. But if the Wi-Fi connection established, we can browse through the internet really fast. Faster than in Berlin at home. 😉

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See ya 🙂


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  1. Really nice article, seems almost like everyone has their own struggle with the apartments.
    I honestly have to apologize. I was using your toilet for a heavier sitting yesterday and didn’t know about your problem with the pipes. It must have been terrible in your room. Sorry for that.

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