Calm Saturday

That was the first weekend without many activities. So it was a calm weekend.

The only thing of our to-do list was to visit the St. George’s Market. We (Tristan, Hendrik, Marcel, Lukas, Anja [one of the house mates from Tristan & Hendrik], Robert and I) went to the famous market on Saturday morning.
About the market: “St George’s Market is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions. It was built between 1890 and 1896 and is one of the best markets in the UK and Ireland. It has been selected for numerous local and national titles and awards for its fresh, local produce and great atmosphere. It holds a weekly Friday Variety Market, the City Food and Craft Market on Saturdays and the Sunday Market. It also hosts a range of events throughout the year.”
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The market was really exciting. There are so much eye catchers everywhere and you have the opportunity to taste some pieces of products on mostly every stand. If you are ever been in Belfast, you have to visit the St. George’s Market.

Enjoy your stay at St. George’s Market.

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On the evening Marlon and Robert invited me for a dinner. The steak was really delicious, which was also bought at St. George’s Market. Take a look.

Steak with Salad and Shell

Cheers! =)

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