the second visit I got from germany

Hey Folks!

Today we had a meeting with the agency AND Mr Bavar. This was like an „overall first impression recap“ about the first three weeks of work. We had to fill out some sheets with questions like „is the work like you expected it to be“ or stuff like that. Well, after a while Mr Bavar finally joined us and we had a little talk with him as well. He told us that he wants to visit Hendrik, Marcel and me at Capitas office at first. So the three of us were driven to Capita by a kind woman. We had a nice chat about some aspects of the education systems on the way. As we arrived we visited every site of the building to get some insights about our working condition for Mr Bavar. We also spoke with the people in charge about our internship. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we laughed quite a lot. Shortly after this we just went straight back to work and continued the day as usual.


So thats it, I wish you a nice eve, morning or afternoon!

Sorry for this lame article and that i don’t have a picture for you this time :l

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