Love what you do and do what you love

Wednesday it was the second time I was doing a site survey with Ekahau. This time the school looks pretty normal not so expensive like the school in Derry. These school is located in Downpatrick in the south of Belfast (1h). This time we had to check the whole school for wireless issues.

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29 days remaining

29 days in Belfast (Northern Ireland) are remaining till our flight back to Germany. In my ears that’s sounds very nice. So the time here in Belfast elapses very fast. It is hardly to understand how the time goes so fast, but we are in middle of our internship. Wow…Awesome =)

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Nearly One Month Gone

Hey together,we are about to reach the end of the first month so I kind of want to do something this week to get some new pictures but until now I don’t have a clue what…Let me think unless one of my trousers having a hole which kind of came out of nowhere I need to buy a new one which means its shopping time finally 😀 „Nearly One Month Gone“ weiterlesen