Men in the Kitchen! The Caveman Instincts!

This week we thought like: ‚We need steaks!‘.
Well it was very easy to decide it with our colleagues. So we went on the St. George’s Market again. First we were a bit confused about how many steaks we would need. After a small argument we bought like 9 steaks. I bought a special one myself. It was a 28 day dry aged rib eye steak.

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Small Business

This week ‚full‘ of work is done. We were pretty busy at ‚Wilson Computers‘. We had to do some jobs on the countryside of bangor. We visited a pet obedience school and some small shops. Most of the tasks were like: ‚Well, i’ve got an 8 year old pc with vista and I m not sure, if it is still secure.‘ or ‚My printer isn´t working!‘.
It is kind of easy work, but it needs to be done.

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