And Like Everything Else It Must Come To An End

So here I am again with the last post I will create.

2 months are nearly over and I am more then happy to go back to Germany and finally be able to enjoy a beautiful weather. „And Like Everything Else It Must Come To An End“ weiterlesen

Nice time at all!

Hey together

This will be one of my last articles I write while I’m here in Northern Ireland. It will be a short conclusion of the last day and my overall impression here at Belfast.

„Nice time at all!“ weiterlesen

WhAt To Do If YoVr WoRk Is Don3?

Hey there as you can see I am having fun with headlines now wuhu!!! 😀

So yeah my work at Lighting Enterprises is almost done and I was entrusted with one last task before I go back to Germany. It is at some point a pretty dumb task because I won’t ever be able to finish this one neither do I own the skills to do so.

„WhAt To Do If YoVr WoRk Is Don3?“ weiterlesen