Last weekend / Review – City Picnic

Hey there,

it was the last weekend in Belfast, so we had to celebrate the last week. My health is quite good. On Thursday I finished my Penicillin therapy. So I was able to drink some alcohol this weekend.

At the end of this article, you can find a litte review of „the best burger shop in Belfast“.

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Almost not at the appartement

This weekend was the last one here in Belfast and it was full of activities. Ok at Friday I was a little bit lazy and didn’t went out with the others.  „Almost not at the appartement“ weiterlesen

an new Guy at NMNI

The rest of the weekend went mostly quiet. Last Monday came a new internshiper in nmni. His name is Michael. He comes from Munich and makes the same education as us. It’s nice to have someone on the work who´s understood me in German. an example if I dont know an English word I can ask him in German whats the englisch meaning is and maybe he can tell me the English. again came a new supply with PC´s and it said again Imagen and Backuppen. We did this all day. At half 5 was then „Feierabend“ and we were home. At Home we eat some fast food and we went then to bed.