Searching for 9 cats

Today we went to Belfast castle. There we first had a look at the building and learned that 9 cat pictures are hidden in the garden. After a long search and finding out that one of our colleagues was sitting on the last one, we finally found all of them. This cat was embedded in the seat of a bench as an image. Then we climbed up the mountain and enjoyed the wonderful view.

A day in the Botanic Garden

Today I wanted to visit the Saint Georges Market. Google Maps and the Website of them said it is open today but the moment we arrived there it was closed. Since the weather was rather great we decided to visit the botanic garden instead to have a nice day there playing cards and talking with each other. Next time I am there I will visit the Ulster museum.
For the Rest of the Day I and the other three from the afib decided to watch some movies on Netflix and relax

Flying from Berlin to Belfast

Today marks the beginning of our 2 month internship in UK. Thankfully my father drove me to the airport.
Thanks to a previous project, the MocamBIT Project, I did not needed to organize a lot of things.
I only had to check if all my documents are up to date and organize someone to take care of my cat.

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