One week after the Internship

Last Sunday was the last day of us staying in Northern Ireland. After one week to get used to being back in Germany, I found out that there are somethings I got used to really fast in Belfast. It begins with smaller thinks like the weather being sunnier and less rainy and ends with such seemingly trivia things like speaking German in the supermarket or free time. I cannot believe how easy it was to get used to Belfast, after being back for one week. „One week after the Internship“ weiterlesen

Landing im Germany

Flight back to Germany. I an not sure how I should feel about it, 2 month’s are already over but it do not feel like it. After those 2 month’s the week off will be really great, I think, for getting used to the higher temperature. Luckily my father is picked me up at the airport. Since today and tomorrow is a public Holliday my father bought something to eat beforehand and placed it in my fridge.

Last „Day“ in Belfast

Today is the last full day in Belfast. For today we are planning to tidy up everything as good as possible. Afterwards we will take pictures of every room and how we left it, just in case if there are any messages about problems that we have to explain and to make sure we will be able to prove how we left anything. „Last „Day“ in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Last time Belfast Friendship Club

Today was my last time at the Belfast Friendship Club and after all this weeks I can definitely recommend it to every intern in the future. The Atmosphere and how everyone talks to each other is great and it is one of the best places to learn about their culture and Social norms. Sometimes you will get informations about some of the less well known future events in Belfast at the end of the meetup. Since it is our last time we got a small Flyer that talks about the history of the friendship club and their targets as well as giving us the contact information for the person organizing this lovely event every week. The only reason we are getting this Flyer now is that we never thought about asking for one, so definitely an error on our site. Personally this also means I will lose my chess opponent but we will try to stay in contact via the Internet. Today also means tomorrow is my last day at Knight Systems Ltd. I will have to present my report as good and far as possible, hopefully there will like it.

Beginnig of the last week

Today marks the beginning of the last week for this internship. It also means that my documentation about EHS Software and the corresponding market needs to be as complete as possible at the end of this week. At least my source list should be sorted after included and not included as well as usable and the topic of the source. They also told me that later this week I will have to put in additional Data into the Database and we will test a newer Version of the Dashboard for their Application.

Only 3 more Boardgaming events

Today i realised that we are in the last 2 weeks, this also means that there will be only 3 more boardgaming and geeking meetings with the wonderfull group of people i found. Even then we played games as usual and talked about everything that is coming to your mind. At this meetings you will never feel like an outsider. You will even see that some of the people you played more often with are remembering your name. I also learned about a lot of new and funny games to play for different sizes of a group from like 3 players going up to 8 players. One of the most funniest games i played today is King of Tokyo, which is throwing you and the other players into the shoes of being monsters like a kraken or godzilla but also some more hillarious ones like a really huge panda or a bunny in a bunny cyber mech suite and winning the figt over all of tokyo.

GoT Tour

Today we did the Got bus tour. It is a 9 hours long tour covering some of the places that were used filming for Game of Thrones episodes and some of the other tourists attractions. This tour will cost you 50£ which is not as much as it sounds to be because it also includes the tickets for the ropebridge and the museum as well as the merchshop that is builded nearby tha giants causeway. But let’s start right at the beginning. The tour starts at 7:45 which means we had to wake up realy early for normal saturday morning, because we had to walk approximatly 20 minutes till we arrived at the starting point and everyone of us tought we should eat some breakfast in advance. The first thing they old us about the tour is that it will be a 18+ tour, well Game of Thrones is a 18+ show so no suprise there. After a short introduction from our tour guide he told us that all the tour guides they have are extras in Game of Thrones, ours was a wildling and some other smaller roles. So we got to here some storys that you normally would not hear. For some of the filming locations he also had a picture of how it looked like in the film, while filming and he himself was standing in a possition that gave us enarly the same view the camera had for this moment. It is unbelievable how big the difference sometimes was. We also got to see 2 of the 10 Doors of Thrones that exists in Northern Ireland. For the 1 hour trip back to belfast we watched a episode of GoT.

A week that seems to be long

Well the last time i wrote about work is already way in the past and i want to write about it now as a pre evaluation before my internship here is comming to an end. Sometimes it is going to be a little bit hectical at work, especially if something new is pushed onto git from our developer, but learning to work as detailed and good as posible under stress and with a certain deadline is always good.
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Language is not always important

One of the more important lessons to learn is that sometimes it is not about the language but about understanding each other in some way. I am going to the BFC every Thursday but since last Thursday i am going there to play 1 to 2 matches of chess with another player that is nearly at the same level then me. The thing that is making this special is that he is a deaf and mute person and english is not his mothertounge so even if we write something down it will not always be understood in the way we want. So what i learned is that sometimes it really is more about what your body and actions is sending as a message and not the actual language. Even then we were able to communicate to each other about me being there for 2 more of these meetings and some more rounds of chess and on the other side you can somehow see that he is arriving at these meetings with a good mood and always looking forward to playing chess.