Summary of the week and an uncommon working day

Today is friday and the weekend is nearly there but what really marks this day as a special one is that today i am all alone at our workspace. There are some meetings there have to do and all the other work will be done remotly. I am able to contact them over Slack if any urgent issue comes up. All non urgend problems i found are going to be documented on Wrike as detailed as possibile. „Summary of the week and an uncommon working day“ weiterlesen

Belfast Friendship Club

Today was my second time at the Belfast Friendship Club, the whole meeting is always for free but helping them to get everything ready if you arrived early or having sometime afterwards for cleaning up and recreating some order in the room is a given in my opinion.

The atmosphere there is always a calm one and as last week i found someone to play a round chess. This time it was a realy long game of chess and nearly consumed the full 2 hours of the club meeting. What really surprised me was that some of the people I met last time remembered my name. Next week i will try to find a group that is playing domino, the one you play with 2 to 4 people against each other and not the one where you are just placing stones and make them fall.

Boardgaming and Geeking NI

After the great experience with the Belfast Friendship Club last week, I tried another social meeting that you can find here. It’s a meeting about every game you can play on a table, and most importantly, all digital games are banned that night. It was completely by chance that other Germans were there and we were asked if we were playing a round of a game created by one of the regulars.
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A little bit more stress but a relaxing evening

Today was more stressed than usual. The main reasons for this is that 2 new parts of the Project are finished there first developing phase and had to be tested and fixed by tomorrow, because Jonathan and Chris will have a meeting tomorrow to do a presentation about them. Identifying as much problems as possible in a short amount of time even if there are just caused by a small problem is rather taxing on the mind. After work i went to the accommodation to grab something to eat and going to a meeting of the Belfast Friendship Club. It is a weekly meeting of random people to talk with each other and playing some games in a relaxing environment. We played some rounds of Jenga at first but afterwards i played one round of checkers or draughts, which ever you want to call it. I lost this round without any chance to resist but i am still happy about this because the last time ii played checkers was 13 to 16 years ago. The round of chess afterwards, on the other hand, i won. It was an interesting round because the person i was playing with was at roughly the same level as me.

Testing a new Section and Cinema

Today we got the information that a new section of the program is finished and ready to be tested. Since our boss want to do a presentation about this new features, testing everything and trying to identify any issue or even something that could create a screen of death is the most important task. That also includes that we tested if every change we did trough the interface is affecting the database as intended and narrow down the source of any error as good as possible. But sometimes recreating a problem is really difficult, especially if the source is more or less something a user could do that just slightly differs from what you expecting them to do or what they told you they did. „Testing a new Section and Cinema“ weiterlesen

A work summary

After two weeks here i want to summarise my work experience so far. Besides making the software crash in any way i can think of i am also looking for any logical error on the interface or the database. I have to document every test that leads to an error to narrow it down as much as possible, sometimes this is a little bit tricky if you get a spontaneous idea and have to recreate it afterwards. I am also allowed to state my opinion about the whole design of the software or ideas how to make a better software out of it. For ideas that are not easily explained by word we can us one of the walls because the whole wall is a chalkboard and try to visualise it for our colleagues. After seeing that they allow me to be involved so deeply into the project, I can fully understand why I had to sign an NDA on my first day.

Visiting Crumlin Road Gaol

Today we visited the historical Prison at Crumlin Road. We bought our tickets beforehand for 9£ each and realised if we had bought them there we would have paid 12£ each. Since it was pouring down the whole day we used a taxi to get there. The tour itself was funny and i think one of the big reasons for this was our tour guide. It takes a certain kind of humour to create funny story’s on a jail tour as you can imagine. The prison itself closed it doors in 1996. „Visiting Crumlin Road Gaol“ weiterlesen