Cave Hill

Yesterday we went for belfast castle and cave hill. After we had a look at the castle and the beautiful garden. Robert , Andy ,Florian and me decided to go for the top of Mc Arts Fort. The way up was quiet exhausting but the view was worth it. After we enjoyed the view for a while we made our way down, which was steeper than the ascent. When we arrived home completely exhausted, watched a movie and went to bed.

Bites and bytes

Now on thursday our week is practicly over , because of „bank holidays“ which never heard of before. At our last day for the week everything was as usual and we started working just like the other days. For lunch we just had a BBQ at PreceptIT and it was amazing.  We just start to smalltalk with our collegues and the atmosphere is getting very cofortable. Another plus is that  some kind of routine come into our lives now and i start focusing on something else than just finding the right way to work. For example i was quiet confused as i noticed that the license plates at the cars have different colors in the front and in the back , addititonal to that there are the owner names written on it.

First Work Day

Today we just had our first work day. The started as usual with a breakfast, after that we just went out to find the bus stop, it wasn´t that hard to find it but still its very different to germany. We just arrived 40 minutes early at work because we wern´t sure about the time we need. We got introduced to everyone and got a little instruction in to the company. Right after that we just got our first task. The day was over quiet fast. After that long an exhausting day we just went home. We spend the rest of the evening with Andy and Florian watching a movie.

Lets go for Belfast

Today we flew from Berlin to Belfast , after i sayed goodbye to friends and family we got into the plane and after round about 2 and a half hour we arrived in belfast. The first thing we realisied ist that the bus ticket in northern irland are very expensive. We traveled to the city centre where the agency picked us up.

The secound half of the day was just getting used to everything , unpacking our clothes and getting the most important things for the evening and the next day. We even cooked a nice meal at the evening.