Meeting with the instructors

Yesterday our instructors (Mr Bavar , Mr Gierschner and Mrs Banach) from germany visited us, they looked at our place of work and we had a short conversation if everything was ok. At the end of the conversation we arranged to meet for 6 pm at the „dirty onion“.So after the end of the working day it was time to go home and take a quick shower, then we went straight to the pub, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we could also talk to the instructors on another and more private level . After our instructors had gone, we got something to eat and went home.


Lazy Sunday

There wasn’t much going on today, everyone was doing their own stuff. Our only task today was to go shopping and even in front of it all have pressed themselves as well as it goes. in the late afternoon we then started to cook and as always it became a bit chaotic . finally we managed to get something to eat on the table. the evening ended then quite comfortably.

Georges Market

Yesterday we went for the St. Georges Market. It was a quiet impressing to see such a market in the middle of the city, there were all sorts of things, including various sweets stands and fish stands. the building itself also had a certain flair. we rounded off the day at the market with a delicious burger. then we went home again and after we had prepared the fish bought at the market, we let the day end with a good series.

a fresh breeze in the working routine

The day started very relaxed as we had managed to go to bed a little earlier yesterday. After I had my morning coffee we went to work. there we already had to compare the backups with the database. after we noticed some unfinished backups we talked to the supervisor and our next task was to fix them. It was not easy and we often had to get in touch with the customers, but we could also get to know the many different systems of our company and gain a little more experience in dealing with customers. In the end most of the backups are working and the rest will be done tommorow and we can be satisfied with ourselves and the day.



The Lavery’s

Yesterday was a calm day , Robert and Florian went for Georges Market , but Andy and me stayed home watching some movies and doing some laundry. In the evening we went to the „Laverys“ to meet our teacher and talk about how we are doing here. The pub was quite big and even had a billiard room. but in the end we decided not to play billiards because it was just too crowded. At the end of the evening we talked a bit about the time here at home and then went to bed.

End of the 3th Week

Now we are already 3 weeks in belfast and i think it is a good time for a conclusion. After it was a bit chaotic in the beginning, now everything runs very routinely. Most of the time there is not much going on, but there are always funny moments. The best thing about the time here is that you are independent and can experience a lot. Of course I miss my family and my girlfriend but for such a unique experience it is worth it. I will see if the next weeks will be even more interesting or if you can do something extraordinary. All in all I like it very much here, even if the time is a bit too long for my taste.


A calm day

Yesterday started just as usual , after I had a good breakfast me and robert went to work . We worked on some lists so it was more or less calm work. The day passed quiet quickly. We arrived at home where Andy and Florian have been waiting because they wanted to go to the cinema . After a good dinner they went out and I stayed home minding my own stuff and playing some games and even had a little chat with the austrians. Later in the evening they came back and told me about the movie ( in which i wasn´t even a bit interested). We finished our little chat and went straight to bed.

Crumlin Road Gaol

Today we visited the Crumlin Road Gaol prison. The weather was quite bad, but that didn’t bother us. The tour lasted about one hour and was very interesting. Unfortunately there were about 45 people in the tour group which made it very difficult to listen. After we had watched everything we went home again, but Robert and Florian went for the city centre to buy some stuff for themselfes. After they came back  we spent the evening cooking and watching a good movie.

Fresh breeze in the accommodation

Since monday we have some austrians in our accommodation. It is very refreshing because you get to know new people and also see other habits. Nevertheless many things remain the same. For example the evenings consist mostly of watching movies and sometimes cooking together. You get to know the others better and better and the cohesion gets bigger. But of course you also enjoy the quiet moments, because with 4 or now 12 people it can be very stressful and then 5 minutes of rest are very pleasant,but that’s pretty hard because the building is very sensitive and you can hear every conversation and every step. Furthermore, it’s moldy in some corners.