This will be my last blog entry, i am now back in germany and i thought about the time in belfast. There is a lot happening and i have experienced a lot of new things. It was a unique experience and i am happy to have been there. I have noticed that me and the other trainees get along very well together and we make a good team, but of course there are also some things that have bothered me . For example the time. i think 8 weeks are too long because i missed my family and my girlfriend very much. Furthermore the organization in belfast was a bit unfavorable. All in all it was a nice time and i would do it (a bit shorter) again.


The last days

Today our successors arrived at precept IT. They are from italy and very friendly. in retrospect i see myself and robert, because they are also a little confused and have to get used to the new environment. Our task was to familiarize them with the systems.They have understood everything, thanks to our good documentation, quite fast and could already take over first tasks. Now a little of me . The 8 weeks in belfast are now almost over and i must say the time has pleased me and maybe i come back again to the vacation. a more detailed conclusion follows.


New people

yesterday some new people came to our accommodation. They are from italy, unfortunately they arrived at 10 o’clock at night. This was quite annoying because nobody could sleep because of the hustle and bustle. This morning we met them all in the kitchen. They were not very talkative, but maybe they will be later. It is a little exhausting now that the house is full again and in addition their english is not too good . So they can only communicate with us via google translator.


LAN Party

The sunday was (as every sunday) only for chilling out. in the afternoon we wanted to play some games together , we decided for minecraft , a simple but fun building game. After we had set up a local network to play , andy had the idea to use his home pc as a server to save the limited recoures of our laptops . while robert and andy connected the server , florian and i cared for some food since we haven’t eaten anything. we cooked some pasta with tomato sauce. After cooking was finshed and the server was set up we all eat something and gamed on for the rest of the day.

A tour to the city centre

Today we went to the city center to buy some souviniers there, the day was more for strolling and spending time.

We also bought some small things like a suitcase scale. in belfat most shops are very expensive, but fortunately there are also „pound stores“ where many things are cheap and reduced. If you are in need for kitchen accessories or something similar you should look for stores like this

In the afternoon we went home completely exhausted.

a planning day and a cozy evening at the fireplace

Yesterday was a calm day.After we all had a good night’s sleep, we played some viedo games after breakfast and then talked a little bit about the hardware course we have to hold after our stay abroad and the time when we are back in germany. Then everyone made their own while i was on the phone with my girlfriend. in the evening we sat down in front of the fireplace (like real computer scientists) and had a beer in a cozy atmosphere.


Lazy saturday

Today the others went for the game of thrones tour which took about 9 hours. i stayed at home because i had a lot of sleep to catch up on and because game of thrones doesn’t interest me. the day was very relaxed and i used it to clean up and watch series. when the others came back completely exhausted from their tour we talked about it for a while and then everyone went to bed. except me writing this blog entry now.

Work and freetime

Yesterday was as always a normal working day, but there was one special thing, we were allowed to set up 2 microsoft surfaces (a mixture of laptop and tablet). For me personally, that was very interesting and also appealing because I think the combination good. After work we quickly went home, because we had all ordered pizza, which andy and florian picked up. ordering the pizza was only possible because the 3 wanted to go to the cinema afterwards, i stayed at home and spent the evening with my series „sons of anachry“ and a few snacks.


How we spend the breaks

A short update about how it is here, after now 5 and a half weeks everything is very routine and slowly you think about what will be when you come back to germany. I personally have things i want to do as well as things i want to change when i’m back. But now to the actual topic of the blog entry. Since the lunch breaks at precept are very long and we only sit most of the time, we decided some time ago to go for a walk during the lunch breaks. We found a nice park in the vicinity of our work. it is a nice change to walk and enjoy nature.

besides, a walk is quite good for the fitness.

Off to the City

Today we went out for some shopping. First we went to the Georges Market where Florian and I ordered the „Titanic Burger“, it was a very big burger and afterwards we were very full. With a lemonade in our hand we went to a Primark. On the way there we passed by a souvinir shop where everyone took a little souvenir with them. I bought a zippo lighter for myself because I collect them and the motive was very nice. After that we went to the primark, it was only for children and men, so it was quite empty. everyone had found and tried on some things because it wasn’t as crowded as in berlin. After everything was paid we went home and spent the rest of the day relaxed with a few series.