The first taste of whats to come

Yesterday some of us got our work placements, myself included.

I was to have my interview a bit later on the same day, for a position at TWIN (the agency in which we had our English course), in which i would be required to do quite a bit of programming. While in and of itself that would not be an issue, I really wanted this internship to give me the chance to further my English skills.
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The easter weekend

I used this long weekend to explore a few more shopping options including: drug-stores, groceries, restaurants, pubs and kiosks, but also to find out about a few laws that differ from things I am used to in Germany, for example: decibel regulations for motorcycle exhausts which seem to allow notably louder exhaust systems to be used (sources vary in exact numbers but from what I gathered Germany allows for around 75 decibels, while the UK allows for around 85 decibels).

With these days being holidays i of course also used the time for myself.
Fiddling around with my single board computers (RockPro64 and Rock64) gave enough to do (it seems I still need a new power supply for the Rock64).

The english course has ended

The english course, which took place from 9am till 12:30pm, has been a lot of fun, as it was not taught through dull grammar lessons, but interacting with the other students who all where from different countries which for some, may help to take away the fear of approaching strangers.
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