Three days, and some stress

After the adventurous Monday I was ready for a week of wiping hard drives and first level support. Tuesday and Wednesday where just that, but today we got an email from our school in Germany, stating we had forgotten to sent important information.

We had some trouble understanding what exactly we missed and ended up asking the agency for help.

As we got our work placements later than was initially anticipated, we forgot to sent the info about what company we work for and who our mentors are.

Spending the free time on my SBC

Yesterday I started working on my single board computer (SBC) to set up a small gaming server. This took far longer than I anticipated (partly due to my lack of Linux skills) but with the help of my roommate I got it working.
Only then I noticed that the provided server files where outdated and I would have to wait for the new files to be released.
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A friday full of work

As usual, all complaints come in on a Friday, shortly after or during lunch break.
I spent the morning wiping hard drives and doing a bit of research as there wasn’t anything else to do.
After lunch a coworker and I had to create around 20 new user accounts, set up a new workstation, set up three additional monitors for coworkers and untangle quite a few wires of all sorts which where left over from closed down offices.
Before leaving we discussed how to handle the trip to Eastbourne and what we had to do and bring with us.

I am unsure if we have everything we need, but the suitcase is already full and fairly heavy, so anything missing will need to be packaged and sent there.

Still: I am looking forward to it!

A change of plans, but not much else

I was supposed to go to Eastbourne tomorrow, to help set up a new office of Twin. That has been pushed to monday as only one other IT staff is currently available at Twin HQ and he would have to accompany me, leaving noone to work as the frequently needed IT support.

Other than that, nothing of interest happened during the past 3 days.

The first long weekend of May

On Saturday I went to Marks & Spencer to look for a new belt.
However after seeing the prices I quickly changed my mind and I think I’ll end up ordering one online.

Sunday passed and late in the evening we met up to celebrate the birthday of a colleague and had a few drinks.

This morning I got up late and had a British breakfast (Baked beans, fried eggs, hash browns and toast).
The rest of the day was spent on testing out the limits of my single board computer.

A whole lot of work

The last two days came and went pretty fast.

I spent almost the whole day yesterday, on cleaning laptops and installing clean windows images onto them.
Well, today i spent all day wiping loose harddrives and those inside of the laptops, using tools like ‚dban‘ or ‚Disk Wiper‘.

I was asked to stay  late today, so i could help repatching the VoIP phone system and putting the required switches into their server racks.
This was supposed to take about an hour, but turned out to take almost three.
Although taking so much longer than planned, it was fun and my coworker is quite nice to work with and talk to.

A weekend, well rested

With nothing planned for this weekend I slept in quite a bit.

Yesterday, I used most of the early afternoon for a trip to a shopping mall a bit further away than my usual trips and was a bit dissapointed as the mall hosted either food or attire shops.
Thinking ‚how bad can it be?‘ I got myself a Bratwurst at a stand infront of the mall and was surprised to find out that the seller was actually German with decent sausages, only the bread was a bit stale.
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An Internship for more than just brewing coffee

The past two days were packed with things to do at Twin.

Setting up new user accounts including mail, phone and database access,
installing and configuring graphics cards and dual monitor work places,
blacklisting IPs which where spamming the firewall,
getting acquainted with the old and the new internet security system,
a few minor things like swapping the CMOS batteries or replacing damaged keyboards,
as well as some organisational stuff.
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