The first taste of whats to come

Yesterday some of us got our work placements, myself included.

I was to have my interview a bit later on the same day, for a position at TWIN (the agency in which we had our English course), in which i would be required to do quite a bit of programming. While in and of itself that would not be an issue, I really wanted this internship to give me the chance to further my English skills.

Luckily another student of our group got a position as first level support assigned and we where allowed to trade places.

After a surprisingly cold bus drive to TWIN, I had a short interview, in which i was primarily asked about my experiences with hard- and software.
Immediately afterwards I received a briefing on the work structure and the most important network components.

While there was little to do for me in the early hours, just before lunch i was asked to buy a few replacement batteries as some computers where giving warnings about low voltages in their CMOS batteries.
With the closest place that sold the right batteries being IKEA (of all things), I went there and promptly got lost; twice!

After getting back to TWIN I helped to set up a work place and got to check a few dozen computers for functionality and dust buildup.
Checking the PCs was very time consuming but i was able to use the time to talk to a coworker about the work they do.

Shortly before calling it a day, we quickly changed out a graphic adaptor to enable a coworker to work with two monitors again.

I am really looking forward to working with the IT support team.

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