Some differences between Germans and Londoners

In my last blog entry I will give my readers an overview of what I differences in culture I have noticed between my home country of Germany and England. A common German stereotype is that they are very direct. Living in Berlin, I can confirm this. On the other hand British people are quite polite but take pretty long to get to the point in a conversation. I noticed this communicating with coworkers and people I met. Another point is that British people are very welcoming and open, I noticed this especially with my host mother, who was also kind to us.

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Come from away

On Easter Weekend I had the possibility to visit a musical in London‘s West End theatre district. The theatre where I went to is named Phoenix Theatre. It is located very central. Hence, I went there by a walk of twenty minutes from where I had enjoyed a nice afternoon tea before. „Come From Away“ is higly acclaimed and has won several Tony awards, as I read in TimeOut – London’s city magazine. This musical is about plane passagers that are stranded in Newfoundland due to the airtraffic shutdown on 9/11. I was deeply impressed by the powerful live music and by the incredible actors dancing and singing on stage – what a performance! I will definitely try to discover more musicals during my time in London. This one was just the beginning.