Some differences between Germans and Londoners

In my last blog entry I will give my readers an overview of what I differences in culture I have noticed between my home country of Germany and England. A common German stereotype is that they are very direct. Living in Berlin, I can confirm this. On the other hand British people are quite polite but take pretty long to get to the point in a conversation. I noticed this communicating with coworkers and people I met. Another point is that British people are very welcoming and open, I noticed this especially with my host mother, who was also kind to us.

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2 Weeks since London

I’ve been in Berlin now for 2 weeks, and I’m happy to be back here, rather than in London. Even though I had a fun time due to the fact that family and friends visited me, I did miss my other friends and family in Berlin. Yesterday my Grandfather turned 77 and the whole family met up and had we had a great time. I was happy to see all of my family, since I hadn’t seen them in 2 months.

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Back in Berlin

I’ve been back in Germany for about a week now. Retrospectively I had a great time in London, if it was the visitation of my friend, my uncle, or my parents. Those where basically the highlights. Even if the work itself wasn’t the best because it didn’t have much to to with IT, I am glad I could be in a foreign country and experience working there.

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Some Concluding Thoughts

All and all I was satisfied with some aspects of my internship in London, others not that much. On the one hand London was quite expensive, gladly I had saved up enough money to last me the two months. To add to that, my work placement wasn’t the best, considering it didn’t have much to do with IT related work.

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What I’ve Been Eating

Everyday for lunch Nickolas and I walk a few blocks to Forest Hill Station, where there are a few options for food. Most of the time we go to a place called D&D, which is a Caribbean/Jamaican joint. The options are jerk wings, sweet chili wings, or fried chicken. I always mix it up and get either jerk chicken or sweet chili wings, alternating every other day.

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Another Visit to Camden Market

Sunday was my uncles last full day here in London, so we decided we would spend the day at the infamous Camden Market, where I had been a couple of times already. Arriving there, we checked out the shops and attractions.

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