Finally good news (at least for some of us)!

Today we got another email from our school. The project manager told us, that we just have to do the English test online and not the course, but he wasn’t 100% sure so he said he would give us more information soon.

I also tried to access the course, but it is still not working…

I showed one of my colleagues my program, so far so good. Now they got more information which means for me that I have to do a lot of researches in order to rewrite half of my program.

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My job as a developer | Tricky task

I kept working on my project today at my workplace. All the other days, I was able to write all the time without even thinking, but today I had one problem which took me a lot of time. I currently program a tool to synchronize the local database with a CRM (Costumer Relationship Management). First I had no field on the CRM that I could use as an id/primary key. I need such field because it is possible that some people have the same last- and first name. Later I found out, that I could just create a new field and fill it with the id from the database. Later I found out that I had the problem caused in the moment I requested all contacts to be shown. I already need the id field because the normal function that requests all contacts, returns just a list with all contacts and their last and first name.

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