Bye London, Hello Berlin

Today was our departure day. We woke up at around 10am and started with a good breakfast. After the breakfast, we finished packing our luggage.

We left our house at around 12:30 and went to the agency. We met there the other guys and of course we were a bit early because we should have been there at around 14:00. It took us just around 1 hour to get there, as I already know from my work experience.

We arrived early at the airport so we had to wait some hours there, but better too early than too late.

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My last day at work!

instead of starting with my work, today, I had a talk with my colleagues and we filled out the last letters.

Later, we also got some problems regarding the “Europass”. Normally another colleague of mine should have received a mail from the “Europass” company. He told me all the time that he got nothing, but when I asked him today to use the search function, he found a mail which was 2 weeks old.

Now I had the problem that the password from the mail is no longer valid. So we wrote many mails to our school. Luckily, I work directly at the twin school so I can ask them for old mails. There were one woman and one boy who helped me, they supported me as well. We were able, to get the europasses for everyone.

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The last touch ups.

Today, I went to my workplace as usually, this time I surprisingly had no problems with the traffic. When I arrived there, I started directly with a meeting related to one of my projects. They still want to use one of my projects, so we had to do the last touch ups for the actual program and explain everything to the other colleagues. I had to do this in order for them to use it later when I couldn’t help anymore.

We also figured out that they have to prepare one important document, before we can use my project. The plan was to finish the document before next Friday (tomorrow), but this was not longer possible.

My colleague tried to set up everything by his self but with the help of my documentation and I have to say it worked very well, he got it.

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What a letdown

Today, I started my day as ordinarily. When I showed up at my work, I started directly with a meeting/Introduction for my colleague. The presentation was about my program which I was developing in the last few weeks.

My colleague was quite happy about the result, the program was exactly doing what he expected from it.

Later, my other colleague joined our conversation. He got more requirements for the program, regrettably I couldn’t develop these features anymore because of the lack time.

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The last days!

Today I went out as usually. I need around 45 minutes to get to my workplace. Normally, I leave my house around 8am because I have to be there at 9am, considering every day is a buffer of around 15 minutes. Normally, I don’t need this time, but today an accident happened with the bus in front of mine. The bus in front crashed with another car. This was a very small road so there was a fast and huge traffic jam. I asked my bus driver, if he can open the door for me. The bus driver opened the door and I could walk to the next bus stop. When I saw the crashed bus, I was a bit shocked. The windshield from the bus was completely cracked and the rear window from the car was no longer there, but I kept walking and ignored it because the police were already there.

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Everyday something new, today a fire

Today began my last week in the United Kingdom. I started my work as usual with my programming tasks. Finally now, I fixed many bugs and the program is running perfectly. I still have some small problems but I will debug them tomorrow.

In the evening I went out for my daily workout, but before that I went to a supermarket and got an apple and an apple juice as little snack, to get some energy. After around 30 minutes of workout, Ben joined me.

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What an adventure

Today, I’ll start talking about what happened yesterday evening. When I was jogging in a park for my daily workout, I saw near a house a police car. I just ignored it because it was nothing special, especially in this area. When I came back, I saw another car in the front of the house. It was a black van on which was written “Private Ambulance”. Behind the car were 2 men in black suits that carried this metal thing to transport people. On it was a fully covered person, so I knew someone died. Somehow creepy to think that I walk everyday there.

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The Glades, Bromley

Today I left our house early. I went by bus to a shopping centre called “The Glades”, it’s located in Bromley and my host mother suggested me to visit it.





As I arrived there, I was surprised that such a big shopping mall includes a big park. The location of this mall is also very good, you can reach it with many buses and a train station is also not so far away.

They also had there some typical German stores like IKEA. It was a small IKEA but it was interesting to see if it would look the same like in Germany.

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Unexpected Visitor

Today, I started my work day as usual but again, problems…

When I started my computer I saw that some Desktop icons were missing again. I checked my group and I found out, that I’m in the wrong one. I asked around but nobody knew how to fix it at the moment. I had to use a workaround, to access some basic Windows tools.

Later, when I opened Google-Mail all seemd to be fine, but google told me that I’m offline, but the site was loading. When I checked in a new tab “” I got just connection refused. I checked “” and it was working. I flushed my current local DNS storage and renewed my DHCP IP, but still not working. When I did a ping, I found out, that the connection refused it not from a google IP but from the internal firewall.

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What is this now?

Today, I went as usually at my workplace. When I turned on my computer, I saw that some icons were missing on my desktop. I ignored it and started programming. When I wanted to start my program, I needed to run the command line. As usual I pressed the windows key and “R”. This time I just got an alert that this was not allowed. At this moment I was a bit confused.

I thought to open the start menu and type “cmd” there, but there was no hit. At this moment I already knew that something failed with the group policies. When I checked my group policy, I found out that my computer is in a Windows 10 group. The fact is that I use Windows 7.

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