There are some movements at work. I explored some solutions for Microsoft Outlook how to share Contacts from each pc with each other. I looked closer to OsaSync. It’s a freeware solution with the possibility to share/synchronize contacts from four PC’s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t share/synchronize distribution list, but I showed them how to send a distribution list with a mail and how the receiver can use them out of the mail, so nothing special, nothing difficult.

I continued working on my CCNA Voice, also looking up my mistakes in the Cisco NetRiders Challenge to improve my knowledge. If someone wants to have a closer look to the Packet Tracer Activity at the Challenge, I will upload it.

On Saturday my girlfriend and me went to the Phoenix Park and afterwards to the Dublin Zoo. It cost 15€ each, so very expensive. It wasn’t as good as some people tell us, but it was ok.

On Sunday my girlfriend had to leave, because her holidays were over. So I am on my own.

Maybe I will upload some pictures from the Zoo later.

Take care!