being vegetarian is a big „missed steak“

Hi reader!

Last weekend we visited the St George’s Market here in Belfast. This weekend we did the same but also bought some fresh meat to make steaks! We also got some potatoes and carrots as side dish. Tristan was especially dedicated and made butter with fresh herbs.

After we gathered everything needed for the dinner we met again at Roberts and Marlons house. We immediately started with the preparation for the meal, even Henny tried to help a little. It took maybe about an hour until we were finished with all the cooking.
The final meal with all ingredients was supberb, especially the meat was great and it was so much I could’t even eat everything on my plate.

For the rest of the evening we just hung out, heard some music and drank something. So that was basically all. Here is a picture of the St Georges Market. that’s at least something right?


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